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The objects of the Association is:

- To equip grassroots organisations including workers’, women’s, youth and oppressed people organisations, with the appropriate Information and Communication technological means.

- To educate, spread information and conduct research in order to democratise Information and Communication Technology

- Fight the “digital gap and divide” and the unequal access to ICT

- Fight corporate interests that are monopolising technology and knowledge

- To campaign in favour of the Free software/Open source software, philosophy and the copyleft movement

- To campaign to make design of information technology take into account social considerations and people’s interests.

- To campaign for IT and Internet rights

- To campaign for the defence and promotion of civil & political liberties in the context of the development of Information Society

- Support all global movements in their struggle to democratise access to IT as well as support the alter-globalisation movement for better world.

- Cooperate with any organisation with similar aims as FreeIT.Org or campaigning for social and economic justice